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Google Workspace

google workspace

Boosting Training Effectiveness with Google Workspace! 

Are you a #trainer or a #teacher who endeavors to offer engaging and impactful learning experiences;

Here are some examples of how trainers might use Google Workspace:

Google Docs

Trainers can use Google Docs to develop and distribute training resources such as lesson plans, handouts, and presentations. Multiple trainers can communicate in real time on the same document, making it simple to update and improve training content.

Google Slides

Google Slides is a fantastic tool for making visually stunning presentations. Trainers may create and deliver appealing slide decks that include multimedia elements like photographs, videos, and charts. Trainers can also share slides with participants before or after the training session using Google Slides.

Google Forms

You can construct surveys and feedback forms to collect information from participants. Use this tool to create unique questions and receive replies immediately in a Google Sheets spreadsheet for analysis. Gather feedback, measure participant comprehension, and make informed changes to your training sessions.

Google Calendar

You can use Google Calendar to organize training sessions, make reminders, and share event details with attendees. You can construct calendars expressly for training programs, allowing participants to easily access and stay informed about upcoming sessions.

Google Meet

A virtual training session and webinar platform.  You can deliver live training sessions, moderate interactive discussions, and share your screens to display training materials. Google Meet also includes features like breakout rooms and recording capabilities, which improve the whole training experience.


Google Groups

You can use Google Groups to convey announcements, communicate updates, and stimulate discussions among participants. This promotes a collaborative learning atmosphere and gives participants a place to ask questions and share their views.

Google Classroom 

An online platform that allows professors and students to communicate, manage assignments, and collaborate. It provides a streamlined and unified environment for trainers and teachers to construct and manage virtual classrooms, assign assignments, provide feedback, and interact with students.

Publish homework, and share materials with your students. Students can access the virtual classroom, see assignments, electronically submit work, and engage in conversations. You can easily provide feedback and grades in Google Classroom, making it a simple and effective tool for monitoring and assessing student work.

Google Classroom is primarily offered for educational institutions and requires a G Suite for Education or Google Workspace for Education account.

Bonus Tip!!!

Google Classroom includes capabilities such as real-time document collaboration, which allows numerous students to collaborate on a shared document at the same time. As a trainer or teacher, you conduct tailored education, track student progress, and interact with parents or managers.

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