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How do I choose a Virtual Assistant? Tip 2!

How do I choose the Virtual Assistant that can really benefit my business?

A Virtual Assistant can substantially benefit your company, but she needs to know who you are, what you represent, and what you are trying to achieve.

Core Values

At this stage, your company’s values, goals, and vision come into play in the finding the right person process.

Your core values serve as a method to show what is essential to you, and what distinguishes you as a person and as an entrepreneur so that you are prepared to select a virtual assistant professional who will be ideal for your business.

If someone does not agree with your basic principles or has opposing values, it is preferable to find out about it early in the partnership, during the exploration period.


Once your partnership begins, these core values ​​will serve as a guide to how you expect them to behave and act when representing your company.

  • Your business goals and vision help show where you’re targeting and how you think you’re going to make that happen.
  • To get the best possible result from working with a virtual assistant, you need to share your business goals and vision.
  • This will help her understand what results mean to you, what success is, and why you are looking for specific tasks and deadlines within the project you assign them.
For your partnership to be truly successful, you both need to be aligned with the same goals, values, and vision!