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How do I choose a Virtual Assistant? Tip 3!

Clarifying the general role and the specific tasks you want your Virtual Assistant to perform is especially important if you want your partnership to be successful.

However, when choosing a Virtual Assistant, you need to go a step further than simply clarifying her role in your business – you need to decide what kind of approach she will take on the role.

Reactive or Proactive?

Do you require a partner who will complete prescribed responsibilities or one who can function independently, providing, predicting, and designing?
You may require the services of a professional who can flip between the two jobs.

Let’s see what each approach means in practice:

🔵 A Virtual Assistant that is reactive works guided when something occurs, so it handles the tasks you assign it. It tells you what you need, when the work needs to be delivered, and delivers the result to you once it’s done.

🔵 A proactive Virtual Assistant takes a more active part in the position she comes to fill with your help. She takes the initiative, provides recommendations, and identifies the most effective methods, not just for completing chores, but also for achieving your ultimate objective.

🔵 She has the knowledge and contributes to finding alternative solutions, anticipating, and planning strategies to achieve goals.

Because they play a more active part in your organization, these professional Administrative Assistants are more involved in you and your success.