Our primary objective is to advance the recognition and professionalism of Business Support Professionals within the Greek market. We are dedicated to ensuring that individuals holding this position are not only qualified and well-trained but also adhere to the ethical and professional standards upheld by Management Assistants, including Online Business Managers and Virtual Assistants.

Irrespective of your career stage, we believe it is crucial to acquire the essential skills necessary for success in this ever-changing and unpredictable VUCA world. By honing these abilities, you can become a strategic partner for the leaders, teams, and organizations you support.

To facilitate your career development, we provide a range of tailored programs, workshops, and personalized 1-1 training sessions. Our focus lies in key areas such as:


◍ Enhancing self-awareness and goal setting

◍ Effective communication and influence

◍ Establishing strong partnerships with leaders and teams

◍ Navigating change management

◍ Efficient time management

We employ diverse learning methods, ensuring each participant’s needs are met:

📰 Accessible digital platform
📰 On-demand video training
📰 Interactive Q&A sessions in a classroom setting
📰 Collaborative group training sessions

Further information and our comprehensive yearly workshop calendar will be made available shortly.

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