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Asana Tool

Streamline Coaching Practices and Boost Productivity and Client Success with Asana!

Are you a coach looking to level up your business and enhance your coaching practice? Let’s dive in and find out how to grow your coaching business to new heights.

Centralize Client Communication

Assign tasks for sessions, actions, or follow-ups to each client’s project. Clients should be encouraged to use task comments to offer information, ask questions, or provide updates.


Manage Coaching Programs

Asana can be a useful tool for coaches that offer structured coaching programs to manage program activities. Create a project for each program, identify program milestones as tasks, and break them down into doable stages. Set due dates for each task to keep the program on schedule, and leverage task dependencies to assure sequential completion.

Schedule and Track Coaching Sessions

The calendar view in Asana allows coaches to properly arrange and track coaching sessions. Within Asana, create a discrete project or use a shared team calendar. Assign tasks to the right clients for each session. Set session reminders and due dates to ensure that both you and your clients are prepared.

Document and Share Coaching Resources

Asana allows coaches to organize and share coaching resources efficiently. Create a project or a dedicated section within a project to store resources such as worksheets, templates, or educational materials. Attach files or add links to external resources within the relevant tasks for easy access and sharing with clients.


Track Client Progress and Goals

Use Asana’s progress tracking features to keep track of client progress and goals. Create tasks or subtasks to represent specific customer objectives or milestones. Update task statuses on a regular basis, or use custom fields to track progress, mark completions, or highlight priority tasks. This gives you a visual representation of your client’s progress and allows you to adapt your coaching strategy.

Bonus Tip!!!

Asana connects with a number of productivity tools, enabling coaches to improve their workflow. To improve team communication, integrate Asana with communication tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. Sync Asana with your calendar software to keep your coaching schedule up to date. To get the most out of Asana, look into alternative integrations based on your individual needs.


If you want to improve client engagement and keep your coaching practices structured and efficient, let’s talk! Your Success is on My Agenda!